Spouses and sweethearts also serve our country - and suffer bravely - often in silence.

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Our Lean Mean Marines

Robert Shepherd

Romans 3:7

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Semper Fi

This Bud's For You, Brutha's

Debbe LaBianca

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Don't we love our lean mean Marines
Semper Fi - Brothers

I'm Debbe and I love the U.S. Marines.

Can you tell I'm proud?!

The Few - The Proud - The Awesome
Hey, I'm not saying Marines are better than all the other services. But maybe they are. (Would I lie to ya?). Okay, other services, don't get mad, now!!! (grin) All I know is that a U.S. Marine is one awesome man.


I guess a lot of our friends happen to be US Marines or their girlfriends, etc. You couldn't ask for a better bunch of people. Leathernecks have a reputation (deserved) for giving it all they got. This band of bruthers is trained, after all, to be warriors. Do you have a U.S. Marine as your warrior? I will bet he is a gentleman, too -- a conquering gentleman -- and a lover.

Now me. I've been told I have style, that I look classy. (Not just Marine brothers, either.) Yes, I tend to be a bit conservative. Does it show? Hey, if I make my guy happy, put a twinkle in his Marine Corps bruthers` eyes, and don't dishonor the Lord, that's all I ask.

I lived a very sheltered, comfortable life. But I felt like I never lived till I met my gorgeous Marine.

The Marine Corps is demanding. It is not easy giving everything to serve your country, giving everything to the Corps. But the advancement is very much deserved. And a Marine's loved ones sacrifice, too.

When you see a Marine Corps couple, and you feel a touch of jealousy, just remember: that Marine might be virtually MARRIED to the Corps. It's a sacrifice his loved ones make for his career, and for their country. It's a high price, and I only hope their country appreciates it.

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Okay, so these aren't completely unposed. I might of mugged a bit for you.

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God Bless America:

in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti

In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit


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The Landriths
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1 Timothy 2:1-3

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Chief Petty Officer Charlotte Reijo, assigned to the Navy Maritime Civil Affairs Team (MCAT) 207 meets with children from Carrefour, Haiti.
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United States Armed Services
People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
          ---George Orwell



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gary chiles

Martin Luther King, Jr. reminds us:

We hate to be told that man is a sinner. Nothing so insults modern man's pride. We have tried desperately to find other words -- error of nature, absence of good, false concept of mind -- to explain the sin of man. Turning to depth psychology, we attempt to dismiss sin as the result of inner conflicts, inhibitions, or a battle between the "id" and the "super-ego."

King quotes Isaiah: "All we like sheep have gone astray."

King tells us, "Man is a sinner in need of God's forgiving grace."

God's unbroken hold on us is something that will never permit us to feel right when we do wrong, or to feel natural when we do the unnatural.

All these quotes are from Strength to Love.

I highly recommend Dr. King's "America Ye Must Be Born Again," a moving, idealistic sermon which is evangelical and liberal in the highest and best meaning of the words.

See this: End the hate: STOP racial and religious INTOLERANCE

White chicks can be "girlfriends" too. Just cause I don't TALK urban, doesn't mean I can't LOVE urban. Believe me, I do.

Remember: Love comes in BOTH Colors, God bless every all American love-affair. (Celebrate black-white romance.)

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We All Wish for a Peace Dividend
(But not at the price of forgetting those who served)

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