Put your light on a candlestick
Let it Shine!

~ a man who calls a woman slutty merely for letting her light shine has got a problem ~
My question : what is he threatened by? Women gave us birth, and nurtured us.



Let your light so shine before men
that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father in heaven

With some thots by Lindy Checchi
Can we be IN the world - and still let flirty femininity shine forth?

More than an ornament - she's a diadem of beauty

  1. diadem of beauty
  2. Isaiah 62:3 [kjv]
  3. te deum laudamus

How do we honor God in our witness, our words, our appearance?

a light in the darkness
God calls us to be a light into the Darkness. The metaphor is apt. All around us the modern world is beset with a heritage of darkness, oppression, discrimination, and even economic sins. Many seek relief in pure indulgence, hedonism, lust. The privileged middle class, with its pampered materialism, the blessings of education and influence, seems badly afflicted with lusts and perversions -- perhaps even more than the lower classes, who are more out in the open.

I Peter 3:3 reminds us of the wisdom of modesty in our apparel. Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel. But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. After all, Sarah, in Genesis, who was of higher status socially than her relative (and husband) Abraham, literally deferred to him. We are told.

Perhaps Abraham was such a servant of God, and possessed of such meekness and respectfulness, that he "deserved" a wife who deferred to him. Certainly there are men who do not deserve that kind of wife. Abigail was married to a man named Nabal, which means fool. Another passage (KJV English) declares that a "fool" is deserving of stripes, yes a flogging. The context indicates a grown man (who obviously has not really grown up inwardly).

What does a Christian wife do in such circumstances. Suppose her husband, whom God calls to headship, actually abdicates headship, or even neglects his wife in favor of escapism, self-indulgence, or "numbing" his God-capacity through such perversions as excessive sports-worship, "marrying his work" -- or pornographic attitudes and indulgences. Is he not, in a sense, a Nabal (fool)? The Bible tells us that sexual relations are honorable in marriage, and in fact, must be a two-way street. "Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence." More than that, a husband who defrauds his wife in this department (puts her away) is the guilty one if she "commits adultery." [Matthew 5:32]

But what is adultery for heaven's sake? Men have been throwing the SLUT charge at women for anything and everything from the time of Eve onward. Husbands are paranoid and half of the paranoia is sheer guilt. They project onto woman the issues that afflict themselves. There simply is no way that an adultery accusation has justification when God has put it in woman's dna to let her light shine, to be beautiful, to spread joy, to rescue the perishing. Abigail in the Bible story of David had every right to let her light shine -- and so doing became a peace-maker. Rahab of Jericho might be called a harlot but she was a blessed harlot who saved lives, and aided the people Israel. That's the kind of "slut" to be, praise God.

Woman, I believe, has a duty before God to seek to help. No one would say it's a blank check to go and sin. But God obviously wants us to get the picture. Imagine men, how would you like it if your wife sought out a rival who exhibited more manly authority and headship? A husband who wimps out in these responsibilities to his wife, is in effect "sending her" into the arms of an alpha male, who makes her feel like a woman.

Christians today have much we can learn from the old feminists of a generation ago. I found a passage where Betty Friedan discussed the rising tide of infidelity in marriages that outwardly looked "normal." The men were often otherwise successful, but they certainly were not being godly "alpha males" to their wives. They were being Nabals, and wimping out at home, Friedan writes, "dismayed by the inadequacies of her marriage, confused and unhappy, angry and often humiliated by her husband's behavior, she is psychologically primed" for the blandishments of the attentive alpha male, a substitute for her absentee spouse. [Feminine Mystique, 265]

I really believe that the issue of women's apparel is a secondary issue, not the real crux. Rather, it is one of those things necessary in our imperfect world. Mankind needs these "helps" because we are not sufficiently spiritually mature as of today. We are still due for more "inner work" or therapy. Moses allowed divorce because of the hardness of their hearts. It was never the ultimate ideal. Divorce is a stop gap, for a world not yet come of age. We have to grow up first.

My theory is a bit akin to a famous line from a Jack Nicholson movie (A Few Good Men): "You can't handle the truth." The focus of women's clothing has consistently revolved around the woman. Is she too slutty, Is she too revealing? Is she an adulterer in her heart? What if the problem is mankind's maturity - can we (both men and women) bear the presence of strong women, confident women, assertive (and beautiful) women?

Or do we have more growing up to do first? [see cleanse your hearts]

The Bible tells us that, as the youngest son in his family, the young David was unimpressive. Prophet Samuel asked God if there was some mistake. In reply, God told Samuel, "Man looks on the outside, God looks on the heart."

A husband needs to look within. He needs to test his own heart, and maturity. Does immaturity rear its ugly head and cause him to be petty, possessive, insecure, inappropriate? Does he find he has feelings of being threatened by his wife, if she shines, or if she puts God first in her life (and he feels left out)? Man, you have no reason to blame your wife for being what God made her. Are you jealous because she portrays demure modesty, and femininity?

Please tell me how there is anything wrong with stylish apparel on a wife who is demure, decorous, prim and proper, appropriate? Man's famous retort (lame excuse) since the time of Adam and Eve has always been the blame game. Some people say there's a woman to blame. SHE must be a slut. "Stone her." It is said that in the genealogy of Christ, there were four women labelled "bad women" either as harlots of their day (Tamar and Rahab), or for interracial scandal (Ruth), or like Bathsheba (David's sin). Those "outcasts" were the only women named in the messianic lineage of Jesus.

Is God trying to tell us something. (Like "Judge not!). To the men, Jesus says: you have no right to stone her unless you yourself are without sin. She's not the slut. (If he's the pervert).

I also think that if a man and his wife are on the same page, there can be an evolving maturity where these things are reciprocally understood (together!). The two understand one another. She can tease him, and share her mischievous side, her humor, if he is not offended or foolishly threatened. She gets a roguish grin, there's a twinkle in her eyes, and he is not put off by her beauty, her intelligence -- and she is at liberty to show her coquettish, flirty side. Ruah ha Kodesh - Holy Spirit

Her Price is Above Rubies
I'm the type of girl who likes to look pretty for God

Price Above Rubies
Every week, the beginning of Shabat, traditional Jewish homes read the Proverbs 31 Woman, Eshet Chayil. Valorous woman. The whole Shabat narrative is replete with the repeated metaphor of the dazzling Bride - Queen Shabat, a parallel of the glorious Shekhinah, spouse of God as it were. Like the Shulamite in Song of Songs, she is as stunning as an army with banners. She is arrayed in majesty and perfection. See: God's Joy. "For he who is thankful in all things shall be made glorious. Yea, in that inner song of praise and ecstasy and thanksgiving is stored the love divine, the love that casts out all fear, the power to fulfill all things." (Gratitude).

One of the most joyous of all the festivals in Judaism (the Bible) of course is Purim, during which traditional Jews join together for a season of gladfulness, joy, and praise. The story of Esther is read (preferably in Hebrew). What an object lesson, that sometimes daring to shine can be altogether a godly, imperative thing. Rather than obscurity and self-abnegation, Esther chose to let her life shine. Vashti, a more modest Persian "good girl" (shrinking violet) opted to hide her beauty under a bushel, not something she wished on a candlestick. Esther literally saved her own Jewish people and nation (in the country now known as Iran.). "The growth of the soul is found in the joy of praise and the adoration of singing gratitude. [Annalee Skarin]

Arise, shine; for thy light is come

The majestic words of Isaiah sing out, Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. Surely there is a time and fulfillment that brings this destiny into being. Lindy says, our Father desires that we be the "best dressed" people on the planet, for we are representing the "family business" so to speak. It's not just about us, it is about Him. In the natural we dress for the occasion. or at least we are supposed to. So it is in our daily walk in Christ. If we name Him as our Lord and Saviour people watch us as to how we dress.

If we ran into someone that was dressed with dirty shoes, old sweatshirt, and unkempt hair, would we listen to anything they had to say with a level of trust? Most likely we would not. It's no different when we go and tell the good news of our Lord and unbelievers look at our "clothes of character" and say to themselves, "it hasn't done much for them." We can be a stumbling block to others being open to the Father's love if we ourselves are not working on our new wardrobe in Christ.

Your new wardrobe in Christ. What if you began to change your "style" of fashion -- ie your essence. Your beauty comes from within, from your joy and grace and character. The outward window dressing is merely your stage presence, the chance to tell the world, "C'est moi!" The Good Book tells us to fashion ourselves after Christ. In another place it says "clothe" yourself with Him. Isaiah 52:1, Matthew 6:30, I Peter 1:14, Isaiah 61:3. More (KJV). If people notice our fashion style in clothes, in our couture and apparel, how much more would a needy world take note if we began to clothe ourselves with Christ, flinging off the old clothes (ie, sin, harshness, unforgiveness, impatience, and all the areas of the flesh that affect those around us).

The elegant and sophisticated woman embraces luxury. So stay classy. Appreciate the finer things in life. Embrace luxury, don't fight it. Genevieve Antoine Dariaux said,

"To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence."

Success Comes From Within

      Dress for Success

It's hard not to show pride
    When you feel good about yourself !

Is the spotlight for you?
    Are you for the spotlight?

Isn't it time for women & girls & moms to learn that


Go ahead and let your light shine

As Carmen says : Bring Sexy Back

Our future depends upon it.
Is it waiting for you?

sacré bleu

My mother dressed like this when she had anything special -- especially Church

As I recall she got the red pumps in Tijuana, Alex got us to go there:

from Mod Nod with bettie page
Memphis Belle
Vintage Elegant, Feminine, and Classy
see Mayra Veronica : HotspotOrlando

For Those Who Are Ready

Are You Ready to Change Your Style?

The man who is always his own worst enemy

Blaming the woman may be handy finger-pointing, but often it is sheer cop-out. (The pot calling the kettle black.)

Often, the man knows, inwardly, that he will sooner or later get caught. Hebrews 10:27 describes the guilty feelings a man may have, his sense of foreboding. He feels "a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries." A man who is shortchanging his wife may also feel the pangs himself of his guilty conscience, constantly looking over his shoulder so to speak, nervous that he will lose her. Sirach 9:1 in the inter-testamental Greek Scriptures warns man that his own jealousy plants the seed. Once again, he is actually the guilty one here, not her (though he may blame her!).

Reminds me of the passage in Job to the effect that the thing I greatly feared came upon me. The man himself is guilty. He is his own worst enemy. His jealousy and paranoia planted the seeds which eventually bore fruit, so "her" adultery was not hers at all, but his own come-uppance. He literally caused it. Isn't that the root of white man's problem? And the feminine wife, faithful to God, is more righteous than her husband. He always knew where she stood, that she walked the walk, that she put God first in her marriage, and her marriage was subordinate to God. Both flirty and feminine, she let her light shine, and God used her, as His representative, as a fisher of men, as a light in the darkness.

In a strict "justice" sense, the crass husband probably needs an intervention for his calloused-ness. If you trouble your own house, you inherit the wind. God takes you out to the woodshed and gives you a little talking to. White-man's material accomplishments are breath taking. But what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Live Life

Some Scriptures to consider with heartfelt openness

  • There is a time and a place to shine
  • Appear not to fast, but anoint your hair, wash your face [Matthew 6:16-18]
  • Let your light shine before men, that they may SEE [Matthew 5:16]
  • Don't hide light under a candle but put it on candlestick [Matthew 5:15]
  • City set on a hill cannot be hid [Matthew 5:14]
  • Zion in Hebrew means conspicuous [6726, Strong's]
  • Arise shine, your light is come [Isaiah 60:1]
  • Put on your beautiful garments [Isaiah 52:1]
  • Put on your garments of joy, garments of praise [Isaiah 61:10]
  • If necessary, use words [fishers of men] St. Francis.
  • I'd rather SEE a sermon, than hear one. Edgar Guest

Are you ready to buckle down. And start in on your homework!

Please Men, don't be threatened by her femininity

The man who is forever on edge, fearful that he is about to lose her to someone better, probably deserves to lose her to someone better. Get the message now. Your conscience is trying to wake you up!!

Western woman is a light shining in the darkness, if she but spreads her wings and soars. The hidebound churl who convinces himself she is a slut is a damn poor excuse of a husband, that's for sure. He ought to look in the mirror if he really wants someone to blame!

Submission works both ways: Modern man fallen from grace

Why do even worldly guys suggest that conservative women are the hottest?

Isn't church supposed to be about


Feminine attire for Nice Girls (skirts and dresses are becoming, girlishness and womanhood are wonderful)

A Thai Dress - Traditional
sacré bleu
Holy Clothing

Isn't there something special about blue? Above dresses are both modest and feminine -- and a touch romantic to boot. Holyclothing.com is proud to be the largest seller on eBay of Gothic, Gypsy, Renaissance & Peasant styles. Google may help you find other outlets for Victorian, Southern Belle, Retro, Vintage, Bohemian. See holyclothing.com
(Janice Kay, family business)

Thanks to Carolyn Parsons for alerting me to the 'holy clothing' line.

    Jimmy Choo got the name for his famous Anouk shoes from Dutch. But 'Anouk' originally is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Anouk is "favor, grace."
Gematria Value: 157 (Pronunciation: "Chanah")


American Christianity, often over simplified as being "Bible-based" gospel religion, is certainly not alone as it wrestles with the place of women in home and society, and with the role of apparel, the challenge of modesty (in a world that at times can be ruthlessly un-feminine). Traditional Catholicism in Europe and around the world also wrestles with the dilemma. And so do traditional areas of the globe. Islam has been stereotyped as somewhat "repressive" toward women, and numerous articles and features and documentaries have tried to correct the misperceptions of Muslim women as locked away or imprisoned in seclusion, prisoners of the harem.

The hijab, for example. Muslims differ as to whether the hijab should be required on women in public, as it is in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia; whether it should be banned in schools, as it is in France and Turkey; or whether it should be left for the women to decide, as it is in the states. The burqa, which is the woman's loose body-covering, covers even more.

Prophet Muhammad respects Isa al Masih

Islam is intertwined with Christianity, the West

Hymn to the Crucified - Arabic paean to Christ

Islam tells men: marriage is one half of your faith

A Word Study - I Timothy 2:9

I am indebted to Pastor Andres Guevara for his concordance studies.
I Timothy 2:9 says "woman adorn themselves". Adorn means to bring beauty (Beauty as a woman and not appearance as a man).

To wit, In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

The Greek word for adorn here is - "Kosmeo' - Order. We get our word, cosmetics from this word. It means to, "To adorn, arrange, put in order." It implies harmonious orderly arrangement, instead of rumpled, uncoordinated chaos. God calls women (and men too) to be beautiful witnesses for him. Our witness is something which sheds light. It is visible. Mother Teresa, banned in India from "preaching" Christian faith, nevertheless let her light shine without words. By her love, and by her good works.

Andres Guevara is pastor of Messiah Baptist Church. His email is pastormessiahbc@yahoo.com.

A few links - repressed womanhood, also fashion style garden

Blaming Women in history (Christianity's witch craze)

High heels, fashion tyranny, and caring for your feet

Proverbs 31 Woman (sure you want a strong woman?)

How beautiful are thy feet with shoes (Song of songs)

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For women first - online resources for gals and their pals

Comments from online

False Modesty or Authentic?
model My husband and I both grew up going to an "Apostolic" church. The dress code was very strict: No sleeves above your elbows, you have to wear high necks, have to wear nylons and high heels, no cutting of women's hair, etc.; Suits for men. Certainly NO pants on women, no jeans on men, etc. Although they have relaxed a bit now, there is still a high expectation for femininity, modesty, cleanliness, and "appropriateness". The premise was basically, that when you are going to church, you are going to God's house and we would always want to dress to a tee, the best possible to show reverence and respect.

For example, if we were going to have a personal visit with the Queen of England, we would probably wear something other than jeans and t-shirts. (Debbe) +++

A male church leader distinguishing masculine and feminine says:

Most men would agree that a woman is much more sexy in a short
skirt and high heels than in jeans and tennies, wouldn't you agree?

A Woman of Valor

Her Price is Above Rubies

shining her light on the dark side
How beautiful are they feet with shoes, O Prince's daughter
(Canticles 7:1)

be a hotwife for heaven


A young Christian woman says:
High heels and some other clothing items aren't necessarily inappropriate at church, but we do have to be honest about their purpose. They do lift the calves and show off the legs, click, and draw attention to the wearer. Plus, what's their purpose other than fashion? Are they becoming to a female servant of God? How able would a woman at church who is wearing them serve the Body of Christ? We're not here to be on display and high heels (5 or 6" is what I consider high) and other things women wear "scream" just that. I know, because I've worn clothing in the past for that purpose. And I've had to examine my heart and why I'm wearing something, to church or elsewhere. I'm not saying we should all wear faded jumpers and look frumpy - that's a sin in the other direction, and that gets on my nerves just as much! However, there is a sensible balance about how we dress.

Modesty is more than about clothing. It's about whether or not we draw attention to ourselves through any medium - our dress, gestures, speech, etc. As Christian men and women, we are servants and we need to ask ourselves, how well can I serve the body of Christ wearing this/these, whatever it is. +++

A youth activist notes:
I tutored at-risk street kids and found that the social nights were opportunities to get through to them in a different way. Ever since a girl, I have always been committed to Civil Rights. Your heart has to be in it. My hubby was a hippie but he harbored latent racism. Despite the hell many of those urban youth have been through, they responded to gentleness and love and femininity. I knew I was getting through to them, and it was fun for me, too. So I made it a point to dress up a bit "sophisticated" (dresses, stockings, heels). My passion as a woman joined with my compassion as a Christian. It takes both. A lot of black guys, believe it or not, are not intimidated by a "sexy" style for white women. They seem more spontaneous and "confident" in their masculinity. Frankly, I find that appealing.

So yes, it blessed me as well. Dressing stylishly gives me an air of confidence. Not to mention I get about a million compliments whenever I wear a pair of sky high stilettos. Though getting those lusty compliments isn’t my reason for wearing them, it does help lift this girl’s spirits on what would be a humdrum day. +++

lindy lynn says, your glow comes from within   ~   See I Peter 3:3

baggage of history
Friends of Diversity

What is the best form of exercise? Research points to walking

By Lauren Keating, Tech Times | September 29, 4:21 PM

What is the best form of exercise? Experts say just walk

Experts weigh in on exercise and sedentary lifestyles, finding that walking has the best benefits for overall health.

Which kind of exercise is the best for overall health?

When it comes to the best form of exercise, experts say good old-fashion walking is the best.

"Walking is a superfood. It's the defining movement of a human," says Katy Bowman, a biomechanist based in Ventura, California. "It's a lot easier to get movement than it is to get exercise."

Additionally, when you tone your calf muscles you will strengthen your legs, give them definition and make them more shapely. Do you want supple Achilles tendons? Having stronger calf muscles gives you more energy and endurance to carry out your daily activities. The best calf exercises to tone your legs are exercises that can be performed just about anywhere and are easy to do, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.

Your calf muscle consists of two muscles. The gastrocnemius, which is the large muscle at the back of your lower leg. This is the calf muscle that functions to elevate your heel. The second calf muscle is the soleus, which is a smaller muscle and lays under the gastrocnemius. The soleus is responsible for the function of lifting your heels with your knees bent.

While other forms of exercise build endurance and burn fat, these health benefits mean nothing if people are sedentary before and after a workout.

"Actively sedentary is a new category of people who are fit for one hour but sitting around the rest of the day," Bowman says. "You can't offset 10 hours of stillness with one hour of exercise."

Instead, Bowman suggests in her book, Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement, that walking is type of movement the body needs and therefore, is the best form of exercise for cardiovascular heath and overall wellness.

A study last year by the University of Texas School of Public Health found that many people who view themselves as "active" fall into the actively sedentary category in reality. Researchers surveyed 218 marathoners and half marathoners to collect data about their training and sitting times. Researches found a median training time of 6.5 hours each week, compared to the eight to 10.75 hours of total sitting time.

There is a belief that people should push themselves to the point of exhaustion during a workout to reap healthy benefits, but all that is needed is about 7,500 steps each day. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, people should get about 150 minutes of physical activity each week.

A small study published in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise by researchers at Indiana University found that for every hour that is spent sitting, five-minutes of walking is enough to reverse harmful effects caused to arteries in the legs.

However, walking does have it downsides. Running is preferred for bone health and weight lighting is preferred for strength training. Still, walking increases circulation and supplies more blood and oxygen to the muscles, organs and even the brain. Walking regularly has been linked to improved memory and increased growth of new neurons. It also wards off the weakening of brain tissue associated with aging.

Walking also increases creativity, according to research from Marily Oppezzo and Daniel Schwartz of Stanford University. In one experiment, the researchers asked 176 college students to come up with novel uses for everyday objects. Participants came up with four to six more novel uses when walking than when they were sitting.

Note: certainly there is a time for self-abnegation, and for 'sackcloth and ashes.' It is wisdom to know the whens, whys, and wherefores.

The following essay is from traditionalchristianity.wordpress.com.

The Middle Way for Women

Not trashy but CLASSY

When is modesty a wrongful thing, or prudish, or in a sense self-harming -- as when a woman has a body language that is not attractive. Their posture often is such that they hide their curves. This is body insecurity, which is not an attractive trait. Often these women have the walking gait of a man. But even those seemingly unconcerned with modesty do this – I see women all the time dressed to the nines but walking like a man, slightly hunched even, with legs apart instead of one foot in front of the other. In this case, the woman who is modestly dressed yet carries herself well is going to attract more attention than the one showing a lot of skin but who doesn’t know how to carry herself in a feminine way.

Confidence in High Heels - Rachel Hencke This is the middle way. Wearing clothes that do not reveal too much but walking with confidence: shoulders back, chest out, standing tall. Walking like a woman, one foot in front of the other, which causes her hips to sway even without heels. How many times do you see women hunched over with her arms pulled forward or crossed to disguise her breasts? This is not attractive. Rather, good posture, smiling, not wearing a lot of makeup, shorter finger nails without obnoxious bright colors will likely cause the good men to notice and the alphas to hesitate in ‘using up’ such beauty. The peace and glow of a woman after prayer or a woman really striving toward God shows up in the way she carries herself. Cads often do have a code of conduct to not ruin such a woman. Furthermore, she is not easy and it would take a larger investment of his time than he typically is willing to give. So in this way, she can attract quality men without flaunting herself and still look good while at the same time protecting herself.

The middle way woman attracts a better quality man because that man sees all of her character, including her comfortable confidence in her sexuality, since she neither flaunts nor disguises. Sometimes this kind of woman will later change her style of dress to be like the woman concerned with modesty. That is disconcerting to her man. He wants to be proud of his wife and show her off a bit. If she does not want to be eye candy for him sometimes – and not just in private – this can lead to disinterest from him and insecurity in her, which causes their connection to become more distant and usually a woman reacts by holding on to him and pulling him back with her claws. Oh, if she would just draw him back with her wiles, by planting some irresistible private intimate images in his mind. [September 18, 2011 * http://traditionalchristianity.wordpress.com]

A positive kind of slutty
We've all seen it, and it's beautiful ~ how hard is it to achieve?

When the wife shines, the husband beams [If he has the grace and maturity to be proud of her.] When she is noticed as a beautiful woman. Men live for this feeling - it affirms him vicariously. She feels good, because he feels good and also because this makes her feel more attractive, thus increasing her confidence independently, as a real woman.

Confidence is beautiful.


Some secular remarks (humorous or wise) regarding apparel, high heels, women ...

Secular Quotes (humorous and wise)

  • The first purpose of clothes... was not warmth or decency, but ornament.... Among wild people, we find tattooing and painting even prior to clothes. The first spiritual want of a barbarous man is decoration; as indeed we still see among the barbarous classes in civilized countries. ~Thomas Carlyle
  • I don't see how an article of clothing can be indecent. A person, yes. ~Robert A. Heinlein
  • When a woman leaves off something she looks better, but when a man leaves off something he looks worse. ~Will Rogers
  • I have heard with admiring submission the experience of the lady who declared that the sense of being perfectly well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which religion is powerless to bestow. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~Epictetus
  • High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. ~Christopher Morley
  • I don't know who invented the high heel, but all men owe him a lot. ~Marilyn Monroe
Can a woman glow with both dignity and sophistication? Try the classic look

Be a Walking Miracle
The Pump - Classic Femininity

Christian' Masterpeice

Louboutin's stunning chef d'oeuvre, the classic pump, dubbed the Pigalle, appeared in Paris and conquered the world. At once both understated stylishness and classy femininity, Christian's Pigalle revisits the chic conservative silhouette of what the New York fashion world called the Opera Pump, and what the Brits simply labeled the Court Shoe. Almost timeless in their simplicity and fashion grace.

A Walking Miracle




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Peter Chu classic

Peter Chu classic

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