I am ex-hippie and ex-peace-activist (and ex-pot-smoker too)
But now I say, we owe a debt to those who served in uniform

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Never forget our heroes

Are We an Ungrateful Nation?

Let's Make Sure we Honor veterans, troops, and military families

All across our country, in communities large and small, there are heroes who live among us. We just might not always see them. They're our nation's military families, they're the troops who keep us safe, the parents who raise their children all alone while their spouses are deployed, the kids who step up while mom or dad are far away, and the survivors of our fallen and veterans who continue to contribute right here at home. These extraordinary men women children always stand ready to serve their loved ones their communities and our country. Now it's our turn to give back. I want to thank you for joining forces with us at Joining Forces. [First Lady Michelle Obama]

Mbandi 911 tributeThis is a song I composed. I would like to dedicate it to all the Heroes of 9/11 and the families of Fallen Heroes as well as to our men and women in uniform.
Out of the rubble, we stood taller than ever. And forged ahead with hope and determination.
To find and defeat the enemy ~ Our brave men and women endured the pain of war
And many made the ultimate sacrifice
Let's not forget the unsung heroes: the families of our warriors.

In a letter to the northern California newspaper Record Searchlight, I found this
November 14, 2011

From Duane Stacher, Etna

Community support is morale booster

As a soldier in the Army in the 1970s, one joined for many reasons. Most were "can't afford college" or "enlist or go to jail." At that time the military was a very unpopular place to be. We tried to hide the fact that we were soldiers, hiding long hair under our "covers." To be called a "lifer" by a fellow soldier was a derogatory remark. The only notice given by non-military was sour looks or jeers and physical gestures. Very few were proud to be in the military. It was just a job.

As I am preparing to deploy to a foreign land once again, my time in uniform has changed so dramatically. We just finished a yellow ribbon event, in which all types of organizations and individuals came to our unit to bring contacts and information for the soldiers, but more important to the family members staying behind, who have the hardest part of a deployment. With this information the soldiers know that their families will be looked after and taken care of in our absence.

I am so deeply touched by the everyday citizens of our communities. Some have served in the military or had loved ones serve. Some have never had any contact with the military, yet they give of their time, love and money. Much of the support comes from community groups: Home Guard, Elks, Lions, Rotary, South Siskiyou Republican Women, and many others. For our citizens to stand in the cold rain and snow in the dark of night at our armory to hand out gift boxes filled with holiday turkeys, hams and all the fixings is truly a gift of love. The appreciation is very real. My wife, not looking forward to a year alone, cries with the gesture of caring from strangers, knowing that our sacrifice is appreciated.

I wish I could thank one and all individually but know that if I tried I would miss someone. To all who read this and are the citizens that I have mentioned above, know that we in uniform do truly feel very fortunate and proud to be able to serve our citizens, communities and country.

I could not be prouder of my time in uniform than I am today.

[© 2011 Record Searchlight. redding.com]

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because
rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

Winston Churchill


Silent Voices of the Past: honor the heroes of our southeast Asia conflict

lest we forget

All Gave Some - - - Some Gave All

May you and yours be blessed with all the joys of the winged life

Support our veterans
Neither Democrat nor Republican
Some Things We All Should Agree On

Let's help our veterans, military families,
the heroes and their families and survivors
Military family support a 'national priority,' Obama says

Our military spouses and families serve, too

Joining Forces : to help our military families

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PROJECT FOOT: homeless vets & military families

America must not become an ungrateful nation

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Obama has strong record of support for America's veterans

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Joining Forces : reaching out to heroes and their families

Part of any "Peace Dividend" must go to America's Veterans

Veterans are an essential middle class entitlement too

proven.com, supporting Obama's Veterans Employment Initiative

Corporations didn't die defending this country

Vote of Confidence

For our Veterans, our Troops and their Families

Barack Obama was proud to visit a combat support hospital in Baghdad and thank troops stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan on his overseas trip. He’s consistently voted to support our troops, and even retired admiral John Natham recently endorsed him.

Nathan said that Obama " consistently voted to fund our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and, just as importantly, a proven record of support when they return home…. Despite consistent distortions of his record, thousands of veterans like myself support Senator Obama because he has the judgment, character and integrity to be a great president. We will need a great president to lead us in these very challenging times."

Barack Obama learned to love this country from his grandfather from Kansas, a World War II veteran who taught him the Pledge of Allegiance. He was proud to thank our troops for their service and dedication when he visited them in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and a combat support hospital in Iraq (without cameras or fanfare).

A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country
is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.

[President Teddy Roosevelt]

Please Pray for Our Leaders,
Pray for our troops,

God Bless America:

in nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti

In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit


On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation,
let it be our pledge that when they return home -- we leave no veteran behind.
( Dan Lipinski )

At Gound Zero, in the wake of 9/11. President Bush declared:
Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.

Ground Zero Post Script

ground zero | Pray for peace

Pray for Peace

Love Your Enemies - bin Laden?

ground zero memorial 2011

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
(The President read Psalm 46 in its entirety.) I love our country.
The God of Jacob is our refuge.

"God is our refuge and strength"

Let's be there for Vets when they come home
As President Obama has done more for Vets than the last 5 Presidents. He announced a new VA budget of $112.8 billion, a 15.5-percent increase over the previous year. Among other things, the higher budget calls for hiring more staff, treating 122,000 more patients. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act added another $1.4 billion to the VA budget, to be used toward improving services, including grant money to states to build extended care facilities for vets, and the hiring of 1,500 new claims processors to speed up delivery of benefits. Mandates that the DOD and VA work together to build a coordinated computer system that will provide accessible patient information. the Obama administration is pushing for a measure that would let Congress approve VA money a year in advance, thus avoiding the delays for budget reasons. With more than 100,000 veterans going homeless on any given night, Obama proposes pilot programs with non-profits to specifically target vets' homelessness and its related problems. Given huge tax credits to employers to hire vets, worked tirelessly to get homeless vets and their families into affordable housing, improved VA hospitals, including staff and conditions etc. These are just a few things Obama has done to help Vets including the largest expansion of mental health services for Vets with PTSD and expanded the GI education bill.

Chyrell Linville Nawatny

The New Peace Movement?

Summer 2011

From rs-lorenz-rdg
on cragslist.org

Hey, I was a hippie draft dodger in a previous life (instead of the boring, traditional OLD GUY I'm turning into). I've gotten a bit "staid" and patriotic of late. But this is sort of nuts.

Seems like one Republican big name after another have started saying bring the troops home. Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Ron Huntsman, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump. They forget it was Republicans Bush and Colin Powell who got us into those wars. (Remember? 9-11 and Saddam's unending provocation?) Gee, Republicans are sounding more and more like Cindy Sheehan all the time. (Or the "much hated" Jane Fonda)

Only Pawlenty and Santorum are making sure they support our military -- and don't undercut the troops.

And of course President Barack Obama.

(Thank you, Mr. President -- for your patriotism, your military firmness, and your support of our troops and veterans).

Is Pearl Harbor part of Asia?

Why is Honolulu so damn PATRIOTIC? Ask someone who grew up there!

On Dec 7, 1941 Japan's imperial military (Tojo) apparently thought HAWAII is in Asia.

The world did not begin yesterday with all the America-bashing and President-bashing.

In Polynesian, it is said

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono

(the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness)

craigslist - rs-lorenz-rdg


"they also serve who only stand and wait"
John Milton

toughest job
toughest job in the military
in the military

Blue Star Families for Obama is a "Pro Military, Pro Obama" organization.
This grassroots effort was started by Army and Marine Corps Spouses who believe
supporting Senator Obama reinforces their support of loved ones serving in the military.

Our Nation's Gratitude

I see a news clipping that 1 out of 3 homeless is a veteran Is that true? We should be ashamed.

"Some soldiers still have issues they're dealing with from what they've seen, what they've experienced," she says. "Some think, 'There's nothing wrong with me.' They can deal with it on their own. Until it gets out of control."

As of May, there were 10,476 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans either living on the streets, in temporary housing or receiving federal vouchers to help pay rent for an apartment.

I recently listened to the Enchantment CD by Welsh singer Charlotte Church. The closing song is a duet with Josh Groban. They sing "The Prayer" -- which the jacket says is a mother's prayer when her daughter goes off to war. It is sung alternately in English and Italian. Very beautiful.

I pray you'll be our eyes
And watch us where we go
And help us to be wise
In times when we don't know

[I love it]

ALSO YOU-TUBE : God is watching us - Bette Midler

Edward Koch, Former Mayor of NYC:

Those who led us through the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the killing of bin Laden -- President Bush, Vice President Cheney, President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretaries of Defense Rumsfield and Gates, and CIA Director Leon Panetta -- deserve the nation's gratitude as do, of course, the generals who led our troops. The soldiers who won the wars deserve not only our thanks, but our commitment to their medical needs and job opportunities for as long as it takes to provide them with a decent style of living and reintegration into American society,

more jobs for veterans
Obama ups pressure on GOP
to pass VETERANS jobs plan

welcome home Viet vets

get along?
can we all just get along?

We All Wish for a Peace Dividend
(But not at the price of forgetting those who served)

Mitt Romney

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