«He jurado ante el altar de Dios hostilidad eterna contra toda forma de tiranía sobre la mente del hombre»
- Tomás Jefferson -

the elusive
State of Jefferson
The State That Almost Seceded

northern California ~ southern Oregon
Our "Pacific Republic"
it's a STATE of mind

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The Elusive State of Jefferson
enjoy the twinkle in our eye
our tongue firmly affixed in cheek
our "politics" is, after all, a lot of fun

the elusive

State of Jefferson
northern California ~ southern Oregon
it's a STATE of mind

Is it hysteria and paranoia?

Or legitimate....
Our coming Sureño state of MEXIFORNIA?
The country of Aztlan (Alta Mexico)

pacific republic
"John Sutter's `Republic` existed mostly in his own mind"
California's norteños

The flag does not thrill me, but it's Sutter's bequest
as a norteño for our mythical (51st) state of Jefferson

Can't any Jefferson-staters come up with something better?

Here is Jefferson
Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis

Victor David Hanson : Mexifornia
Pacific Republic

The outsider media calls our state the mythical state of Jefferson. Our "state" is mystical, we concede. We represent a mostly rural area of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Several times during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries there have been attempts to establish the area as a separate state. This region on the Pacific Coast is the most famous of several that have sought to adopt the name of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States; the name was proposed in the 19th century for Jefferson Territory, as well as in 1915 in a bill in the Texas legislature for a proposed state that would be created from the Texas Panhandle region.

Dominated throughout history by the Sureño, the Southlanders, of the Los Angeles region, California has seen its interests overlooked, its rights ignored, and now, its water appropriated by the over-represented southern Californians riding high in the saddle, politically.

As northern Californians, we look back to such Norteños as Vallejo and Sutter, who sought to balance out the dominance of the populous Los Angeles rulership of all of California. Sutter at one point envisioned a "Pacific Republic" joining our part of California and Oregon. He even hoped to welcome Mormons to migrate here. In the old world, rumors of the immediate success of his exploits led to stories of Sutter being the emperor of California, [Kaiser von Kalifornien]. Sutter himself has been called mercurial, pugnacious, vain, arrogant, ambitious. Truth be told, Sutter was indeed human -- all too human. He saw that the true wealth of his inland empire was its people, its human treasure. Accordingly, he eagerly welcomed immigrants from the United States.

Additionally, John Sutter, like Jefferson, had an unwavering appreciation for agriculture as the engine of economic potential and growing prosperity. Like Jefferson, Sutter welcomed the common man, the yeoman individualist in search of personal betterment. Sutter's empire may have lasted only a few years, but his dream was surely not off base. Jefferson would have approved.

Bisected by a trade and travel route which came to be known as the Siskiyou Trail, the region of the proposed State of Jefferson was one of the last areas of North America to be explored by Europeans, Spanish first, and then Americans. The first Europeans to California were Spanish-speaking ones who travelled up and down the river we call the Sacramento (they called their Río Grande, later the Buenaventura), trading with local native peoples.

Non-Native (Anglo) American explorers did not enter the area until the 1820s, these were the famous mountain men. (See Jedediah Smith, pathfinder). Permanent Anglo-American settlement in the area did not occur in our area until 1844 by Pierson Barton Reading (pronounced Redding), an immigrant to Alta California from the United States. See History of Cottonwood.

Feeling he was guided by God, Jedediah Smith followed in the footsteps of men like Peter Skene Ogden, but in 1828, he veered toward the coast, traversing the uncharted "Indian territory" of the Cascades west of what is now Redding, California. Alas, his men were massacred.

The area to the northeast was also the site of the last battle fought in North America where the Native Americans used only bows and arrows (at Castle Crags), and was the site of one of the last significant rebellions by Native Americans (the Modoc War).

mystic mount shasta
Mystic Mount Shasta

History of Cascadei

In 1852, at the first California state legislature, a bill was introduced to create a "state of Shasta" encompassing much of the area known as Jefferson, including the Shasta Cascade.

Two years later, a separate movement began in southern Oregon. A proposal to create such a state was presented to Congress and remained open until Oregon was granted statehood in 1859.

In October of 1941, the mayor of Port Orford, Oregon, Gilbert Gable, announced that the Oregon counties of Curry, Josephine, Jackson, and Klamath should join with the California counties of Del Norte, Siskiyou and Modoc to form a new state, which was later named Jefferson. That flag, the Dos Equis flag, caught on briefly, but the local rush of excitement as quickly dissipated, nor was it really taken with more than a grain of salt.

Gable proposed creating this new state to draw attention to the condition of the state roads along the Oregon-California border, which at the time were oiled dirt roads that became impassable in rain or snow, and handicapped economic development. As local historian Jim Rock explains, "It was more publicity stunt than serious secession movement at that point. After all, under the U.S. Constitution, they had to get the approval of Congress as well as the legislatures of both states."

Gable's act found sympathy throughout the region, who perceived their state legislatures as indifferent to their needs. Siskiyou county especially embraced the cause: the county seat Yreka became the provisional capital, where in November, 1941 county representatives met and selected the name Jefferson for their state, in commemoration of Thomas Jefferson, the nation's third president. While inhabitants in Lassen and Shasta counties in northern California flirted with joining the secession movement, only the counties of Curry, Siskiyou, Trinity, and Del Norte actually endorsed the idea.

On November 27, 1941, a group of young men gained national media attention when, brandishing hunting rifles for dramatic effect, they stopped traffic on U.S. Highway 99 south of Yreka, and handed out copies of a Proclamation of Independence, stating that the state of Jefferson was in "patriotic rebellion against the States of California and Oregon" and would continue to "secede every Thursday until further notice." Looking back on those days, we can speculate that the double cross, dos equis flag was inspired by the double edged resentment against BOTH southern California and northern Oregon.

The secession movement, such as it was, came to an abrupt end, though not before John C. Childs of Yreka was inaugurated as the governor of the State of Jefferson [1]. The first blow was the death of Mayor Gable on December 2, followed 5 days later by the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7.

As if that were not enough, Los Angeles and the southland got even more clout in the Supreme Court's (1962) Baker v. Carr decision, robbing power in the legislature from rural areas, and giving even more power to the big megalopolis to the urban South state. You may smile at our idea of a "Pacific Republic" of our own. Indeed, we are fun-loving and hope to provoke thought ourselves. But also, while you smile, please ponder and consider these issues.

As described in an April, 2003, American Journalism Review article:

The "state" is diverse politically, with a mixture of conservatives and liberals. Many share the Westerner's common disdain of government and politics. "Politicians and diapers need to be changed often for the same reason," reads one bumper sticker. And many also share a desire to hang on to the landscape that draws both residents and tourists to an area that stretches from the stunning Oregon coast to ethereal Crater Lake and down to California's towering Mt. Shasta.
The region retains this identity reinforced by institutions such as Jefferson Public Radio. Here's a shining spotlight of culture and intelligence in our scenic region. (We have many other such vital spotlights -- like Ashland Oregon, to name one.)

Today there are more talks of creating the new state, mostly only half serious. Many citizens of "Jefferson" feel threatened by National Marine Fisheries Service's plans to create fish hatcheries along the Klamath River, as well as creating a buffering zone along the river. This buffering zone would oust many people from their homes and even demolish an entire town. Meanwhile, others in "Jefferson" have embraced the idea of the entire Pacific Northwest breaking away from the United States and Canada to become its own country, Cascadia. (Cascadei Blade?) A large barn off of Interstate 5 north of Weed, California has "the State of Jefferson" painted on the roof. Indeed, some local drivers have license plate frames declaring themselves citizens of our elusive State of Jefferson.

The "lost state of Jefferson" gives a few facts on the (tongue in cheek) movement during the depression years to declare for all the world to know, the State of Jefferson.

Jefferson is commemorated by the State of Jefferson Scenic Byway between Yreka and O'Brien, Oregon, which runs 108 miles along California State Highway 96 and U.S. Forest Service Primary Route 48. See Museum of the Siskiyou Trail - historically, the Siskiyou Trail stretched from California's Central Valley to Oregon's Willamette Valley

Way Back When - Honoring Our History "remembering our past" (1859 and before)

Wandering Lizard History - Peter Skene Ogden (working for the Hudson Bay Company) - a route into California

Author Prof. Peter Laufer on Secession and “The Elusive State of Jefferson”

"Mexifornia: A State of Becoming" by Victor Davis Hanson - Donald Trump blasts the Hispanics. La-La Land has taken over. Even the Pope prefers Spanish. Now they say, it looks like Colombus claimed it for Spain. Maybe Jefferson can save us.

Greatness of Th. Jefferson
Todos los hombres son creados iguales

President John F. Kennedy at a White House a dinner honoring Nobel Prize laureates (1962) saluted them, saying they were

probably the greatest concentration of talent and genius in this house except for perhaps those times when Thomas Jefferson ate alone.

Lincoln called Jefferson the greatest of the founding fathers.

Ironically, in the election of 1800, Jefferson was attacked with more virulence, with greater hostility, with harsher intensity of personal attacks than most presidents would ever experience. He was called every many of miscreant and infidel, atheist, Jacobin, radical and unbeliever, and of course, non-Christian. The demise of the Republic was called imminent; the end of faith was predicted. Jefferson was labelled "The Negro President" by Thomas Pickering, thanks to the 3/5 advantage given to states with slave populations (which had supported Jefferson). The irony is that by the end of his first term, conditons in the infant Republic had so settled down, revivals had swept across the interior, numbers of churches had doubled, then tripled. Instead of bringing on the "End of the World" (see Revelations), Jefferson seemed almost charmed, or lucky. (I doubt he himself thought so.) He was re-elected handily, and so would be his protegé Madison (twice), and then, HIS protegé Monroe.

Jefferson, though loyal to the Union and Constitution, also understood the economic fears and concerns of the plantation economy of agriculture-based states. Alas, when Haiti's revolutionaries boldly imitated the courageous Americans of 1776, and the daring Parisians of 1789, Napoleon looked for a chance to dump the Louisiana territories for a little cash. Jefferson, known as a strict-constructionist, set his ideology aside for the sake of the growth of America. He looked to our future -- as it turned out -- from sea to shining sea. Accordingly, he sent Lewis & Clark on their historic trek to what eventually became the Oregon Territory.

Another Jefferson Does the State of Jefferson commemorate the great racist, Jefferson Davis? Peter Laufer suggests the possibility. Jefferson Davis said they seceded because "all we ask is to be left alone." See Revisited: Be Left Alone?

Jefferson Davis said: Never be humble to the haughty. Never be haughty to the humble. More on Secession

General Jefferson C. Davis - The Modoc War was the last of the Indian Wars to occur in California or Oregon. In his book The Elusive State of Jefferson: A Journey through the 51st State, Laufer speculates another possible origin of the name of Jefferson -- the general who defeated the Modocs in the Modoc War.

Bienvenidos, Mis Amigos

double cross flag
The State of Jefferson
The dos equis, double cross flag

Stay Thirsty, My Friends

El Estado de Jefferson es una zona mayoritariamente rural del sur de Oregón y el norte de California en los Estados Unidos que en varias ocasiones en los siglos XIX, XX y XXI ha abogado por constituirse en estado. La región es la más conocida de las que han intentado constituirse con ese nombre en honor de Thomas Jefferson, aunque no la única.

Our double X rated "state of Jefferson"

Ian Jones

(of Siskiyou Schools) has put together one of the best troves online of facts on the historical roots of the "State of Jefferson" as well as later incarnations of the notion, even the dos equis, double cross flag. While none of this ever "materialized" in a real world sense, it's still all a lot of fun.

Roads Less Travelled

Sam Taylor on Loose Gravel (bikers) web space has done an outstanding job informing and entertaining regarding the State of Jefferson. See it here.

We shall rise again

You've heard of the famous backwoods (Dixie) prophecy, "The South shall rise again." Well, I propose one for the State of Jefferson. Say, "The North (woods) shall rise again." Or maybe, "Dos Equis shall rise again." Anyhow, here's an interesting link on the State of Jefferson.

BIG THINK: Frank Jacob's - the lost state of Jefferson -the state that nearly seceded. (But the NEXT day changed everything).

More TidbitsOregon cowboy
And here's another on the brief existence of (don't say wannabe) the double X-rated
State of Jefferson, 1941.

Rebels -- With-A-Cause
This recent site is now yet another, quote, "Official Site" of the State of Jefferson. With the bravado and individualistic spiritedness characteristic of our area and its characters, this site lobbies outspokenly on behalf of Marijuana and Liberty. What do you think? Are herbs one way to approach the creator? Regardless of whiteman's naive ideas, some native people believe so. Here's a Blackfoot site.

El Estado Dorado
California fue parte del territorio mexicano hasta la guerra entre México y Estados Unídos de 1846-1848. Al término de la guerra, y como condición para la paz, la República Mexicana fue obligada a ceder el territorio a los Estados Unidos en el Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo. La Fiebre del Oro en el período 1848-1849 provocó una inmigración de 90.000 estadounidenses procedentes del resto del país. Finalmente, California se convirtió en el 31º estado de los Estados Unidos en 1850.

Know the competition: A frontrunner for the real-life "51st state" is Washington DC. Now, I ain't admitting that our State of Jefferson's bid is "just" tongue in cheek, or our private local amusement. We (like our under-represented friends in the District of Columbia) just can't manage to get ourselves on the public's RADAR. So we're waving our arms and aiming to get a little attention, for a change.

Klamath Basin Water Crisis (KBC): Voices of the Klamath Basin Farmers, Ranchers, Miners, Loggers, Indians and Fishermen - There must be a solution for all of us.

Toby Winema Riddle - also known as Kaitchkana and Nanooktowa, a relative of Captain Jack, was a Modoc woman who served as an interpreter in negotiations between the Native American Modoc tribe and the United States Army during the Modoc War, the last of the Indian Wars that took place in California or Oregon

Winema and the Modoc War: One Woman's Struggle for Peace - Kaitchkona Winema, aka: Toby Riddle, Woman Chief of the Modoc. The Modoc name means "Lake-Dwellers." In their aboriginal condition, the Moduc lived off waterfowl because of their closeness to lakes and tule marshes. They are currently a sub-tribe within the Klamath Indian Tribes.

Honor, Loyalty, Brotherhood: State of Jefferson Brotherhood Motorcycle Club Riding is Freedom   sojbcurry@charter.net :: "We Support Our Troops" A link for SxOxJ history

Don't Tear up our natural paradise: our area is blessed with natural beauty and inspiration. It is not up to environmentalists and the forest service to clean up the messes made my thoughtless pigs. (Unless we start paying them to do so.) Keep America Beautiful. It has to be more than an empty cliché. For prospectors and treasure seekers, supposedly there are troves of hidden gold here in our area, too. SHARE THE WEALTH!!! (Nah, just kidding.) Seriously. Have fun, and be responsible. Keep our area beautiful.

Historic Jefferson asks allocation for secret expedition (Lewis & Clark) - Determined to begin the American exploration of the vast mysterious regions of the Far West, President Thomas Jefferson sends a special confidential message to Congress asking for money to fund the journey of Lewis and Clark.

Remembering Charles Berkeley Cone Klamath Falls, Oregon. A teacher, a friend, environmentalist, a seeker of the divine. Lest we forget.

Klamath and Modoc Indians (historic) - The traditional territory of the Klamath and Modoc once encompassed the entire Klamath Basin. The Klamath inhabited the northern portion from Klamath Marsh south to present-day Klamath Falls. The Modoc lived in the area from Lost River south to Mount Shasta.

Oregon State University : keeping our world clean and beautiful - Gathering for Change, Moving Into Action - Dr. Vandana Shiva, etc

Historic Willamette Valley, Oregon as far south as Eugene & Springfield - touching southern Oregon.

Exploring the State of Jefferson - Is it a historic secessionist movement? A state of mind? An imaginary, “mythical state”? (Or the 51st star in the flag?)

Wild Safari, Winston Oregon fascinating zoological park dedicated to conservation, education and research.

Weed's Living Memorial Sculpture Garden honoring their sacrifice - our freedom we owe to them.

Blackbird Music Festival Weed, California. Diverse food and vendor booths, street entertainers, and music from over 50 bands, with music ranging from folk, to bluegrass to country to rock!

Siskiyou Arts Council - literary, visual and performing arts: Art in the community gives Heart to the community.

Dunsmuir Railroad Days - On Track for the Whole Family! Vintage trains makes history come alive. Hosted by the Shasta Cascade Rail Society.

The Siskiyou Trail - the Hudson's Bay Company Route to California (by Richard Dillon) - truly this historic trail opened the door to Old (Spanish) California.

Most beautiful of the top ten colleges -- College of the Siskiyous in Weed is named after the Siskiyou Mountains, a range that runs along the California-Oregon border and can be seen from the campuses’ buildings. Heading their top most bautiful campuses list, bestcollegesonline.com cites COS for the incredible scenic view which showcases the awe-inspiring natural beauty the West Coast has to offer. The town of Weed itself is located at the base of majestic Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta is also the origin of the Shasta Beverages (soft-drink bottlers). Remember the commercials, "It hasta be Shasta!" The bottler got its start near Mt. Shasta in 1889. Jon Lewis writes that the company was originally called Shasta Mineral Springs Company, because at first they marketed naturally carbonated spring water bottled from their location here.

Mount Shasta - most Beautiful mountain in the lower forty eight - mystic Mount Shasta, the gleaming pinnacle that like a beacon beckoned the Yankees of the East into this promised land, Also abode of the Ascended Masters of Another Plane. (Kooks? Not us. We are Jeffersonians and know what we are talking about.)

Our Most Eternal Claim to Glory

Lemuria. The State of Jefferson might more appropriately be called Lemuria, after our greatest real source of identity, which lies beneath the sacred coordinates of Mount Shasta. Which are given as 41°24'33.11"N, 122°11'41.60"W. What can we not say about this sacred spot on earth? We see it there, a holy peak -- lonely as God, and white as a winter moon, Mount Shasta starts up sudden and solitary from the heart of the great black forests of Northern California. Joaquin Miller was himself a pilgrim of Nature, and this mount of white peace, candida pax, was his Mecca.

It was always, from primordial times, known to be a holy site, attracting spiritual pilgrims over the centuries. The reason that Jeffersonians take courage in declaring our state next in line is the spiritual identity of this, our central mountain -- home of the survivors and refugees of Ancient Lemuria, the contained City that sank in the middle of the Pacific Ocean give or take 12,000 years ago. The Lemurians were a diminutive folk, like the Leprechauns of Hibernia, the land of the Gaels.

The earliest documentation to come to light was not till 1899, when Frederick Spencer Oliver published A Dweller on Two Planets. But it would seem that the greatest of all the ascended masters involved with the transplanted City -- was none other than Saint Germain himself -- or Sanctus Germanus.

el oso negro

Black Bear Diner - from Mount Shasta to (where will it end?) - this little Diner has become an extensive chain. They gotta be doing a thing or two RIGHT!

Music by the Mountain "hearts with Ears." Mount Shasta. Leading opera singers, instrumentalists, and dancers performing at the benefit gala, featuring live music favorites from Broadway to opera.

ShastaYama outdoor summer Taiko Festival held in Mount Shasta, celebrating the art of taiko and music.

Mount Shasta Trail Association trail projects, community service, and conservation in the Mount Shasta region.

Jeff Net -- The Community-Based Internet Service of the JPR Listeners Guild. The state of Jefferson does indeed shine in the arena of arts, history, and culture. And an important part of shining the light includes Jefferson Public Radio.

Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV) - Medford based and serving the Jefferson State audience area.

Declaración de Independencia - Jefferson creía que cada individuo tiene «ciertos derechos inalienables» ( la libertad, la igualdad ) :: Jefferson, autor principal de la Declaración.

Science Works Museum (Ashland) - "Hands-On Museum" featuring interactive exhibits, live demonstrations and performances. Includes hours, fees, membership details, events, programs

Ashland - answered prayer -Garth Brooks' song Unanswered Prayers inspires a moving TV movie. What looks like 'unanswered' may actually turn out better.

Lost Gold and buried treasure - the el Dorado of northern California, dating from gold rush days and before.

Days of the Dons - alta California in the days of the Spanish Californians (Richard Henry Dana, Two years Before the Mast). The nostalgic era of Old California.

Oregon Cultural Trust - a statewide cultural plan to raise significant new funds to invest in Oregon's arts, humanities and heritage.

Since Gold Rush Days Redding California, first dubbed "Poverty Flats," when Queen Shasta was the white man town, the camp that later became Redding was the hodge-podge melting pot, that took the cast offs of Shasta. (Sounds like the message of the Statue of Liberty)

Remember the Days of Yore Pioneer Californians Black Americans help chart history in Early California in the period following the gold rush mania.

Franceso Sideli Remember this name. One of Redding's up and coming artists. Almost the whole spectrum of visual arts: graphic, murals, landscape, illustration, portraiture. Redding.

Turtle Bay (Redding) Exploration Park. Complex that includes the Redding Arboretum, Museum of Art and History, and the Carter House Natural Science Museum.

The Wintu people (or Northern Wintun) are Native Americans who live in what is now Northern California. They are part of a loose association of peoples known collectively as the Wintun (or Wintuan). Others are the Nomlaki and the Patwin. The Wintu language is part of the Penutian language family. Historically, the Wintu lived primarily on the western side of the northern part of the Sacramento Valley, from the Sacramento River to the Coast Range. The range of the Wintu also included the southern portions of the Upper Sacramento River (south of the Salt Creek drainage), the southern portion of the McCloud River, and the upper Trinity River. They also lived in the vicinity of present-day Chico, on the west side of the river extending to the Coast Ranges.

Responsible Stewardship - so far The Win River oversight elders win praise for their judgment, sense of prudent responsibility, and the wisdom of their planning.

el oso pardo

Redding's own Merle Haggard "The Hag" - he tours worldwide, but does so much good for his "neighbors" in the place he calls home.

Hoopa Valley Tribe (or Hupa) - are a Native American people of the Athabaskan-speaking ethnolinguistic group in northwestern California. Their autonym is Natinixwe, also spelled Natinookwa, meaning "People of the Place Where the Trails Return".

Trinity County California is a large, rugged and mountainous, heavily forested county located in the northwestern portion of the U.S. state of California, along the Trinity River and within the Salmon/Klamath Mountains.

Welcome To Historic Weaverville! They say about us, "Weaverville is a small gem of a town (a veritable Shangri-La) on the National Register of Historic Places. You can easily spend a day here just strolling around, visiting art galleries, museums and other historic structures."

Chinese heritage in Weaverville see the stately Joss House, visit the "Temple of the Forest Beneath the Clouds", the oldest continuously used Chinese temple in California.

Weaverville "Highland Art Center" -historic Weaverville is more than its rich history from Gold Rush times, Joss House, the famous Tong War, and an old west "refuge" for WANTED men. Weaverville also boasts this beautiful cultural offering in a scenic rustic setting.

Red Bluff "End of the Trail" all about cowboy, Country & Western, and Red Bluff (home of the famous Rodeo)

Red Lion Hotel - Welcome to Redding and Bethel Church! Welcome to beautiful Redding California for your trip to Bethel Church! Redding is the gateway to Northern California's playground! The Redding Civic Center, Mt. Shasta Mall and excellent golf courses are nearby with Lake Shasta, Whiskeytown Lake, Mt. Lassen Volcanic State Park, the Sundial Bridge and other local attractions just minutes away.

Discover Cottonwood, one of the early 'Old West' settlements - a picturesque community ALIVE with history

Among many musicians and artists and performance groups, meet Erin Friedman - singer-songwriter in Shasta County area

Chico values diversity Historically, our rural area has been multicultural, and that heritage continues today.

KS Wildlands Center Ashland - Protecting the wild places of Northern California and Southern Oregon

Ashland : Unanswered Prayers When Garth Brooks co-wrote the song 'Unanswered Prayers' 20 years ago, little did he know the song would inspire a Lifetime television film.

State of Jefferson rants (more sound and fury) - hell yah, we are redneck grouches. We want jobs. We want benefits. Why should corporations only locate in the big cities? Why don't they come to our beautiful area. Our young people leave the area, and only retirees (or hunters) come here to visit.

The elusive state of Jefferson it may "never happen" but isn't our mythical state a great idea, a feather in our cap (local pride)

Clay Folk - Southern Oregon Potters' Association - a non-profit, educational ceramic arts organization serving southern Oregon's Rogue Valley and the state of Jefferson area.

Havurah Shir Hadash Ashland. Local site. Jewish interest.

the Elusive State of Jefferson - Peter Laufer's 'lively, vivid, compelling' new book

Ashland's Southern Oregon University - acclaimed for its Shakespearean studies and theatre arts programs. Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley, SOU is known for deep cultural resources and unique surroundings which provide inspiration beyond the classroom

Yazziegirl (Kerry Tingley) presents a very attractive scenic photo-tour of the State of Jefferson See it here.

The state of Jefferson: The dream lives on (Museum series, Unknown Binding) Publisher: Siskiyou County Museum (January 1, 1999) by James T Rock;   ASIN: B00073DC9Q
Riffin and Tappin
Riffin and Tappin
Oregon Cabaret Theatre

It is high time our area secede from "California" -- a name whose etymology goes back to the mythical "Las Sergas de Esplandián" -- something that has no historical validity. Rather, it appears to have been the concoction of Garcia Rodriguez Ordoñez de Montalvo. Old Spain was big on things like crusades, and knighthood, and who was a more bitter opponent than these California Women of Valor, fearless warriors, arrayed in gleaming gold armor.

But the name Jefferson is right out of American history. Thomas Jefferson, in real life, was our first liberal president, and one of our greatest. As a real liberal, Thomas Jefferson fought ferociously against the rich and the mighty. He fought fearlessly against the Federalist accumulation of wealth. Of course he was vilified, called a Jacobin, called an atheist, called a subversive, called the Negro President (Pickering called him that.).

It was Jefferson who was our first liberal president, our first Democrat (known then as Jeffersonian republicans) because they rejected monarchism, and rejected the economic royalists, or big money men, who were bent on the acquisition and accumulation of great stores of wealth. This is very pertinent for our area, which will be, after it becomes a state, the poorest state in the Union, without industry, without commerce, virtually without exports of any kind. We will be adjacent to California, with its vast and economically booming metropolitan arcs, the wealthiest nation in today's fifty states, and fifth largest economy in the world. After we withdraw (secede) we will immediately become the poorest state in all fifty one.

But we will have scenery. We will have recreation. We will have tourism. And we will still be a haven for retirees. Oh, one more thing. We have the "Horseradish Capital of the World" -- Tule Lake. We have a lot going for us.

State Emblem Grizzly Bear (Ursus californicus)
State Bird Valley Quail
State Flower Golden Poppy
State Tree California Redwood
State Motto Eureka
State Soil "Big Valley" (San Joaquin, Sacramento)
State Nickname "The Golden State"
State Animal Beaver
State Bird Western Meadowlark
State Flower Oregon grape
State Tree Douglas Fir
State Symbol Brewer's Yeast
State Fish Chinook (King) Salmon
State Motto Alis Volat Propriis
State Motto (other) The Union

He Fought the Monied Elites
Jefferson fought the plutocrats

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